How We License

Free Mode

All of our free mode software is 100% free to use in any setting. Commercial, government, educational, criminal (well, maybe not that last one).

You are free to share the software with friends and colleagues, as long as it’s not modified in any way (without our written permission).

Pro and Enterprise Mode

Our Pro and Enterprise mode products are licensed per admin user of the software. We are subscription based, so the license cost is the same each year. Licenses are not based on the number of managed computers or the number of PDQ consoles, it is only based on the number of living, breathing admins who use our software, whether using the console or the command line (CLI).

Example: If you install a PDQ product onto a single server and three individuals use PDQ software in any manner, you require a license for three users (sorry, no sharing).

There is no limit to the number of PDQ consoles a company may install PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory on. A single admin may require multiple consoles to do his/her job. As long as the consoles are used only by that administrator, only a single license is required. If additional admins use the same console(s), then you need a multiple admin license.

If your organization shares admin credentials between multiple admins each admin must still have his/her own license.

Example: ACME Corp has four admins who use PDQ and they all use the same set of admin credentials. ACME Corp would require a 4-user license.

A PDQ console should not be used by more than one admin simultaneously. If admins require simultaneous use of a console, then multiple consoles should be used. When used with an Enterprise license (with the appropriate number of licenses), admins can share data between other admin consoles.

Want to upgrade to Enterprise mode? If you currently have a Pro mode license and would like to upgrade to Enterprise mode, contact us for a quote to upgrade. Make sure to include the email of the current license holder’s email as well as any contact information. The license holder’s email can be found under File > Preferences > License in PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory.

Trial Licenses

Trial licenses are available for all of Enterprise mode products. Each license is good for a specified amount of time (for instance 14 days) from the date it was issued and will give access to Enterprise features in that time frame. NOTE: Trials are limited to any three (3) packages from the Package Library.

What is Enterprise Activation?

Enterprise Activation is used for accounts with more than one Enterprise license that want to use the sharing capabilities of PDQ Inventory and/or PDQ Deploy between multiple consoles.

Example: ACME Corp has purchased two licenses, one for Jane and one for Adam. Both Jane and Adam have activated (registered) their email addresses with When Jane and Adam install their licenses into the product, they’ll also click on the “Enterprise Activation” button in File > Preferences > License and input their respective email addresses. They then can set up sharing to fit their administrative needs.

Log into the customer portal to add or change active email addresses for your licenses. Remember, only the billing and/or technical contact can log in and manage information in the customer portal.

Package Library Subscriptions

Package Library subscriptions are included in Pro and Enterprise modes of PDQ Deploy and are renewed annually.

Pro mode licenses come with Pro level Package Library access.

Enterprise mode licenses come with Enterprise level Package Library access.

Subscriptions also provide upgrade protection to the latest PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory releases.

Annual Renewal

The annual renewal of PDQ products provides continued access to the Package Library, the latest and greatest PDQ releases, and priority support.

If you do not renew your subscription you will lose access to the Package Library, updated releases, and support. All other features remain enabled (Pro/Enterprise mode for your current PDQ version will not end.)

Renewing Licenses

What is the cost to renew?

Our products are subscription-based. Renewal costs for all products are based on your original purchase price. What you paid when you first received your license key is what you will pay annually to maintain your PDQ subscription. Always.

What happens if my license expires?

We realize some of you may be at the mercy of an accounting department and funds are tied up and out of your hands. You’ll still have all the functionality of the Pro or Enterprise license, but you’ll lose access to the Package Library, Collection Library, and any version upgrades where new features and fixes have been implemented.

Make sure your contact information is correct. will email the person listed as your billing contact on your original purchase when it’s time to renew your license.

What does upgrade protection mean?

Simply put, Upgrade Protection means that with a current, unexpired license, any and all upgrades are available for installation. In the absence of Upgrade Protection, the last version available at the date of the license expiration is the last version that can be used while retaining some of the features of the original license. This does not apply to Free mode, which can be upgraded at any time.

Example: Jane currently has an expired Enterprise license for PDQ Deploy. While she was operating in Enterprise mode, Jane was able to upgrade from Deploy (the original version when she received the license on 4/5/2014) for nine additional version upgrades to, which was released 3/17/2015. Her license then expired on the license anniversary date, 4/5/2015. The next version of Deploy,, was released 4/28/2015. Jane would not be able to upgrade to that version and retain some of her Enterprise features. In order to upgrade, she would need to renew the license or go back to Free Mode.