7 signs that you hired the wrong sys admin

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Shawn Anderson|May 11, 2011
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System administration has long been a magnet, attracting both talented and not-so talented people.

Hire the wrong sys admin?

Here’s a list on the latter.

7 signs that you’ve hired the wrong sys admin

7. Was sniffing glue behind his parents garage 2-weeks before getting his first help desk job.

6. Believes that token ring was something out of middle-earth.

5. Considers his old job running the Dominos Pizza ordering terminal as resume worthy.

4. Constantly bragging about his Novell certifications.

3. Uses the short A sound when pronouncing Java.

2. His bookshelf includes the 1995 Yellow Pages for websites book.

1. Proudly announces to the office that he has mastered the right-click.

company ShawnA
Shawn Anderson

Shawn is the co-founder of PDQ.

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