7 Worst Drinks for your Keyboard


This drink done did broke my keyboard
    Photo by Doug88888

So I was plugging away on my Windows 3.1 system (it was 1996 and we hadn’t upgraded yet) when I reached for my 32 oz. drink. A slight miscalculation in my reach and the company’s $1,000 Lucent phone suddenly got a gulp of Mountain Dew.

I fessed up immediately (of course) and actually came away with some brownie points for my honesty. (I used the same technique a year later in traffic court. It caught the court clerk completely by surprise, and got the judge in a very forgiving mood.  But I digress.) The phone vendor sent out a cleaning guy and we chatted while he cleaned up my mess. I learned a few things from that encounter. Namely, that some liquids are worse than others when it comes to cleaning (or even killing) your keyboard/laptop.

So in honor of that fateful accident thirteen years ago, I offer up the 7 worst drinks for a keyboard.

7. Coffee – Probably the most common. Cream will make it stickier and may actually slow its progress as it migrates downward.

6. Pepsi & Milk –  I actually met someone who enjoyed this concoction (no, it wasn’t Penny Marshall). I just couldn’t enjoy something that was curdling before it got to my stomach.

5. Pina Colada – The only thing worse would be to get sand in your keyboard. The coconut cream in the drink will make cleaning almost impossible.

4. Pomegranate Paradise – Seeds in sticky sauce. Your keyboard will die, but it’ll go loving every minute of it.

3. Motor Oil – If you doubt this then the next time you take your car to the shop just glance at your mechanics keyboard.

2. White Russian – This is tough one. Anything with dairy stands a real chance of gettin’ its stink on after a few hours/days. It’s best be thorough in your cleaning.

1. Water – it may seem anti-climatic to put water as number 1, but after speaking with the technician who cleaned my phone, water is clearly the top of the list when it comes to damaging electrical components. It’s the easiest to clean (just tip your laptop/keyboard upside down), but once it hits control boards or anything else with an electrical current, it’s over.