Apple for Sys Admins? Not in the server realm.



Since 2003 I’ve often made the statement: “I use a Mac; I make my money off of PCs.”

When Adam and I customized the crap out of Tivoli Configuration Manager in 2003 – 2005 we built almost the entire solution on two macbooks (programming in Python). Keep in mind these customizations ended up managing over 16,000 PCs, 300+ Windows servers and about 100 Unix systems. Basically, OSX was in our enterprise, albeit quietly.

Apple’s decision to cancel the XServe (announced last week and reported on CNET) has sparked a minor outcry from XServe users. According to Apple there is just not enough demand for the XServe. Hey, if there isn’t enough demand then what are you going to do? This being said, it does make the job of any Sys Admin to successfully advocate for Apple products as “Enterprise Level” more difficult.

The obvious exception to the above statement is in relation to the iPhone or, perhaps better stated, Apple’s mobile solutions. It’s no mystery that Apple has been focusing on Mobile for quite a little while lately. If this is news to you you’ve probably spent too much time under your server room’s raised floor. The big hurdle for Apple in enterprise is still to dethrone the Blackberry. Evertiq still predicts that Blackberry will be king of Mobile in business through 2015.

Apple didn’t make much headway with XServe. I remember that Steve Jobs said in 2002, when the XServe was first announced, that Apple was getting into the enterprise server field “already humbled” (the exact phrase eludes me but Jobs got the point across that Apple didn’t have sky-high expectations in this arena).

Not to worry, Sys Admins… Apple’s presence will only increase in the enterprise, just not in the server room.