Collection Folder Rollup


In Admin Arsenal, collection folders are handy to keep your collections organized, especially when you start to get a lot of collections to keep track of. What you may not realize is that folders can also hold computers. This is accomplished by Collection Folder Rollup.

Rollup refers to the ability of folders to look at each collection inside of them, combine all of the computers in each, and roll them up into a single list. This is especially useful when the criteria for your collections is hierarchical in nature. Consider the following example:

This hierarchy works great if you want to quickly see which computers are servers, or only the servers with Windows 2008. To get the computers to flow up into the folders, you need to set the Collection Folder Rollup property of each folder. This is done by right clicking on the folder.

You have three choices for rollup.

  1. No Children – Don’t do any roll up, the folder contains no computers.
  2. All Children – Include any computers which are in all of the child collections. A computer must show up in every collection to be in the folder.
  3. Any Children – Include computers if they appear in any child collection. This is the choice that we want for the example above.

Once you have your collection folders rolling up computers, you can use them everywhere you would use a static or dynamic collection.