Disable Automatic Updates for Java using PDQ Inventory

**See a more recent post on this topic**

One of the first things that most Sys Admins like to do after they deploy Java is to disable the automatic upgrade check. The last thing a sys admin wants is to receive hundreds of calls all asking the same question “I have  a window saying that there is a…one minute… Java J-R-E update. Do I have a virus?”

Using PDQ Inventory you can send a remote command to turn off the automatic upgrade check. If you have the Pro mode of PDQ Inventory enabled you can also verify all the systems that do or don’t have this setting applied.

The following video shows the steps needed to nail this down. In the first step we create a dynamic collection to display which systems have Java version 6.

Follow along in your own environments and you will get a good idea of how PDQ Inventory can help you get control of your computers.