Microsoft Unveils “Thrive”


Thanks to Chris Avis for pointing out the new Microsoft Thrive effort for techies. It’s coming at a good time as some of our kindred are finding themselves polishing up their resumes.

I remember in 2001 when a large food distribution company was hiring for one Windows NT server position. My brother-in-law was in charge of filling the position. He had over one hundred resumes coming in, and the guy they eventually settled on was willing to take 40k per year, vastly lower than he was getting only a year earlier.

If you are finding it difficult to land a job I strongly suggest using all the resources available to you, including some very focused training. Don’t discount seminars and conferences. True, they cost some coin, but to use the often quoted cliche, “How much is your career worth to you?”

Kudos to Microsoft for making a good effort in providing options for their evangelists.