Refurbished Servers with Microsoft’s Blessing


Refurbished Servers | TechTurn

Microsoft continues to give its blessing (not to mention one year of OS support) to the idea of refurbished servers.

In the past if you purchased used or refurbished servers you had to hope that you had the necessary licenses or suck it up and purchase brand new ones. It added a layer of complexity that may have caused some to disregard using older hardware altogether.

Enter TechTurn. In 2007  Microsoft partnered with this company to fill a much needed gap in the industry. That partnership has continued to evolve and now TechTurn is legally selling Windows Server 2003 R2.

A server from TechTurn could cost 1/3 the price of the original server, and you’re still getting hardware warranty and OS licenses with support. This is fantastic news  – not only to companies struggling to either start up or continue operating, but to any company looking to save capital.

Microsoft has learned a lot in the past few decades about piracy. First off, many people (and certainly most businesses) want to stay legal. But that desire doesn’t withstand unending trials.

For instance, music listeners were more than happy to get their music for free against the requirement to purchase an entire album when they only cared about one song, not to mention the need to visit a brick ‘n mortar and browse 1/1,000,000 of the music the world had to offer. Enter iTunes & Amazon. These companies have proven that many will still purchase when the terms are more favorable.

The ability to spend 1/3 the price for servers is simply too good to pass up. Processing power and storage are commodities. We don’t need brand name. We just need solutions. And with this move Microsoft has shown, yet again, that they get the message.

Kudos to Microsoft and TechTurn for seeing and then filling a need. It’s nice to see businesses getting out of the way so that their customers can pay them and move on.

Incidentally, my focus is on servers, but TechTurn fills the need on an endless number of gadgets. Check ’em out.