Silently Deploy Internet Explorer 9


It’s time for the bleeding edge to prepare to install IE 9 to all their company computers.

You need to decide if you want to push Internet Explorer 9 as-is (with no modifications) or if you want to push out a customized version (more on the customized version below).

To push as-is, which is the quickest method, download IE 9 here and save the file. Now locate and right-click on the downloaded file and select “Deploy with PDQ”.

After giving a name to your installer click in the parameters field and enter the following:

/quiet /norestart 

deploy internet explorer 9 resized 600

Select “Create Installer” and the IE 9 as-is installer will be created. You can now use this installer to remotely deploy IE 9 to any or all of your computers.

Microsoft has provided the IEAK (Internet Explorer Administration Kit) which describes the process of creating a customized deployment.

I’ll discuss in a later post a way to customize your deployment of IE 9. This is a great way to brand IE 9 to your company as well as providing a standard way of maintaining some structure to mulitple deployments.

One last note on this deployment; Microsoft is providing a new /update-no parameter. This allows you to push IE without each target attempting to run IE updates.  It’s a great idea, unfortunately my testing showed that this parameter failed. The installation wouldn’t even begin. So I’m omitting it here. If I can’t get it to work I’ll open a partner ticket with Microsoft.