The New Installer Library: Ready-to-Run Installers For PDQ Deploy!

My favorite feature of PDQ Deploy 2.0 is the Installer Library.

Installer Library

The Installer Library will soon (Summer 2012) move to a cost subscription model. Right now it’s no-cost (while we iron out the wrinkles).

The Installer Library provides “Pre-sliced, rust-proof, easy-to-handle, low-calorie…” Installers for common applications and it is available within PDQ Deploy. You do need to have a connection to the internet to view and download available Installers. 

Installer Library

 You will notice that the Installers that you download will be placed in your Installers folder. But where are the actual Installation Files stored? The Setup.exe? The MSI files? They are copied to the Repository, which is another new feature with PDQ Deploy.

The Repository

The Repository is, by default, placed in the All Users Documents folder. Go to your Preferences and you select the Repository panel and you will see what I mean.



Let’s open up one of the Installers that we downloaded from the Library.

.NET 4 Installer

Now, you’re ready to deploy Microsoft .NET 4 to your target computers.

Initially we are going to have a few popular Installers ready to go. While we always intend on having a few common Installers available the majority of the Installers will ultimately be available with a subscription. We are still working the subscription thing out.

A few words about the Repository. You do not HAVE to store your install files here. You must have, however, a valid directory (preferably a network share) that you define for your Repository. Any installer that is downloaded from the Library will be placed in this directory. Obviously to change the location of your repository go to File > Preferences. Select Repository. Change the path to a valid location. Please note that the credentials used by PDQ Deploy (PDQDeploy service (AKA Backgound Service) and your Deployment user(s)) must have the necessary rights to read and copy files from the Repository.

If you can’t access the Installer Library you may need to provide your Proxy credentials. You can do that via the Preferences window. Just select Proxy Server panel and enter your credentials in the two fields.

Let us know what you think. From your Help menu select Submit Feedback. Please include your email address if you want us to write back with follow up questions or answers.

Refer to this post about the Package Library and the $(Repository)

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