Announcing PDQ Inventory 6 Beta Release

PDQ Inventory 6 is now in the final public beta! To get the beta in PDQ Inventory, go to Preferences > Auto Update and check the box to include betas in upgrade checks. After that you will be able to download the beta by clicking in either the right corner to download the latest version or go to Help > Check for Update.

Note: If your PDQ Inventory license is expired, you will need to renew it before you will be able to update to get the latest features. Log in to your customer portal to renew your license.

What’s New?

Distributed WOL

This enhancement to the Wake-On-LAN feature will help you achieve a higher success rate in waking up computers on different subnets. When a WOL is initiated the standard WOL magic packets are sent out but PDQ Inventory will also attempt to contact an online computer on the remote subnet and have that computer also send out a wake up.

Distributed Wake-On-LAN is a Pro and Enterprise level feature. Compare Pro vs. Enterprise.

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Display Upgrades

Display number of computers in each collection next to the collection name. You can activate this setting in File > Preferences.



Note: The number shown reflects the number of computers in the respective collection. It does not account for computers that exist in sub-collections.

View remote command output on multiple computers at the same time. No more looking at the output of a remote command one machine at a time.




Modify visible columns in your Collection pages.

You can now view more data in your Collection pages including Custom Fields (formerly known as Custom Items).