Announcing PDQ Inventory Beta

PDQ Inventory LogoWe are pleased to announce the availability of the beta for our first release of PDQ Inventory. You can now download the beta from here.

What is PDQ Inventory and why should you care?  Well, PDQ Inventory is our companion to PDQ Deploy giving the ability to store detailed information about computers and to organize them in collections. This will be faimiliar if you’ve used AA Console, as it works on the same principle.

Once installed you can add computers to the database and they will be scanned for their inventory including (but not limited to):

  • Computer – Model, Manufacturer, Serial Number
  • Operating System – Version, Service Pack
  • Installed Software
  • Services
  • Hardware – Printers, Disk Drives, Displays
  • Shares
  • Environment Variables

This information can be viewed individually for computers or used to create computer collections. Collections allow for organizing computers based on their inventory using a set of filters.  For example, a collection can be defined to only contain computers with a particular version of Adobe Flash or from a certain manufacturer.  The sky’s the limit.

PDQ Inventory uses the same architecture as PDQ Deploy which means that it’s lean and mean. No agent is required on the computers to be scanned and there is no server needed, just install it and go.  There is an additional requirement of .NET on the scanned computers, but we’ve settled on version 3.5 SP 1 which has been out for several years and should already be on most computers out there.  If not, PDQ Inventory can optionally install it automatically before scanning.

Free and Pro Versions

Just like PDQ Deploy and PDQ Deploy Pro, Inventory will come in both a free and professional version. The beta released today is for the free version, we plan to have a beta for the pro version out in a few weeks. Keep in mind that this is version 1.0 and we have a number of features to add as time goes on.  As always, we welcome your suggestions, so please feel free to post them in our forums.

PDQ Inventory Pro will come with a number of additional features on top of those in PDQ Inventory. Keep an eye out for the beta to get a taste of these new features.

  • Reporting
    Pre-defined and custom reports with output to spreadsheets and PDF as well as on screen viewing and printing.
  • Additional Inventory
    The ability to scan for files, registry entries, WMI data, and store custom data.
  • Automatic Scanning
    Scans of computers can be set to happen automatically or on a set schedule. Scans can be broken down so that larger and slower scans (such as for file information) can happen less frequently.
  • Admin Tools
    Directly run various administration tools on computers such as Remote Desktop, VNC, Event Viewer, etc.  You can even add your own.

AA Console

You may notice that this functionality duplicates most of what’s in AA Console. This is because PDQ Inventory Pro will replace AA Console (it can be thought of as AA Console Inventory version 2).  All licensees of AA Console within their maintenance period will receive free upgrades to PDQ Inventory Pro when it is released.  Combined, PDQ Inventory Pro and PDQ Deploy Pro will continue where AA Console left off and take it into the future.


PDQ Inventory will be 100% free to use and share and PDQ Inventory Pro will be priced at $249 per administrator, the same as PDQ Deploy Pro and AA Console.  An administrator license allows a single user to use PDQ Inventory Pro on one or more computer no matter the size of the network or number of computers scanned.

PDQ Deploy

PDQ Inventory integrates with PDQ Deploy allowing for access to either others’ functionality within their respective interfaces.  In order for this interaction to work with the beta you will need to download the latest releases of PDQ Deploy or PDQ Deploy Pro which we’re releasing at the same time.  These updates include some other small fixes and enhancements and are highly recommended.

As the beta progresses we’ll keep you updated with new features and provide a number of tips and how-tos. And, as always, please let us know what you think (even if just to let us know how much we screwed up).