Are you using the correct Powershell version?


Author: Shane Corellian 

Tobias Weltner wrote this article on the site. It is definitely worth the read. For those of you planning on implementing Powershell Version 2, pay special heed.

 An excerpt:

“When you search for PowerShell V2 downloads, you will find tons of articles and download links. Only some of them point to the correct final “RTM” link. A lot of people are still blogging about “CTP” versions which really were beta versions with limited functionality. Even worse, it turned out that these out-dated PowerShell versions are still up for download from the Microsoft Download center, so when you follow the “wrong” link, you could get the impression that these CTP versions really were official and up-to date releases.”

 I have been playing with V2 now for about 3 weeks and so far I am pretty excited. Extending Admin Arsenal with a good CLI is important and Powershell will definitely be the foundation on which it is built.