Attaching Multiple Packages to an Auto Deployment Schedule

One nifty thing about setting up Auto Deployments is you can attach multiple packages from the Package 150pxAutoDLibrary to a single Auto Deployment schedule. The video below is a tutorial on how attaching and detaching packages to a single schedule works. 

While in the Package Library click the checkboxes next to the applications you would like grouped in the same schedule. Once you have those selected you can go ahead and click the “Add Auto Deployment” button in the upper right corner of your screen. This will bring up a window that will allow you to set the frequency at which your schedule runs and what workstations you want to this schedule to deploy to.

Attaching and Detaching Packages

After you have made your schedule you may want to make changes to your Auto Deployment Schedule.

Making changes to an already existing auto deployment schedule is easy, you can easily add or remove packages by opening up the schedule (All Schedules, then double-click the schedule you wish to modify and click the packages tab) from here you have two buttons in the upper right corner, Detach from Selected or Attach to Package. Remove packages by selecting them and clicking Detach from Selected. Add new packages by clicking attach to package. You can come back to this window at anytime and make changes. 


When attaching new packages, be sure to select the packages from the package library and NOT the packages folder. If you select from the packages folder (imported packages) you will not get the latest versions of applications as the come out, it will only deploy that version of the application.

In an earlier blog we also explained how approval periods work and how to change your approval policy for individual packages as well as your default approval policy for all auto deployment schedules. A video tutorial on that is available in that blog post. Below is a tutorial showing how to attach and detach packages from an auto deployment schedule.