Author: Adam Ruth

Earlier we explored the power of custom fields for keeping track of unique information on your computers. But what if you need to track this custom information on 100s or more computers? Adding this data in one computer at a time isn’t the most efficient use of a sys admin’s time. There are a number […]

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Beta 1 of PDQ Inventory 1.1.2.  As always, you can download it from here.  This beta is mostly fixes and a few features.Uninstall ApplicationsApplications can be uninstalled from the Applications Panel.  This requires that the application have a silent “Uninstall String” value, which most will.  This command can be […]

We’re pleased to announce the release of PDQ Inventory 1.1 (Release 2).  As always, you can download it from here.  This release fixes a number of bugs and adds a couple of new features that you should hopefully find helpful.New FeaturesVersion Comparisons in Reports and CollectionsUseful for filtering on file and application version numbers.  Shane […]

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Beta 3 for PDQ Deploy 1.5.  You an get it here and try out the new features and changes.Schedules can be configured to stop deploying to successful computers, or to computers that have failed a number of times past a certain threashold. This has been one of our […]

We’re pleased to announce the first beta release of PDQ Inventory 1.0.2.  It’s available now for download.There are a couple of larger features that should be highlighted:Active Directory collections are now available.  For those of you moving from AA Console, this will probably be a welcome addition.  Computers that are in Active Directory are automatically placed […]

The time has finally come for the Free and Pro versions of PDQ Deploy to be merged. We’ve been working on getting a single version of PDQ Deploy to match the single version of PDQ Inventory and we’re nearly there. This first public beta of PDQ Deploy 1.5 takes us one step closer. Merging Free […]

We’re pleased to announce the second beta release of PDQ Inventory 1.0.1.  It’s available now for download now.This beta focuses mainly on bug fixes but there are a couple of small new features.When the console starts it will check the PDQ Inventory’s credentials and make sure that they are set correctly, restarting the service if […]

After all of the great feedback we got on our most recent beta (thanks again to everyone who participated) we’ve made a small change to our release cycle to keep the feedback alive.  It’s mainly for those of you who like to keep on top of the latest developments and enjoy the wild and crazy […]

Photo by Naughty ArchitectI think that this story is so cool I just had to share it.  A 13 year old boy recently invented a way to boost solar panel output by modelling their shape after trees.Nevermind for a moment that the boy was 13 years old (which is amazing in itself) but think about how simple […]