Author: Adam Ruth

Photo by General WescThe other day I was reading this article on Slate about the death of booting up and it got me thinking abou the many, many (oh… so, so many) times that I’ve rebooted computers while troubleshooting.  You know, sitting there with teeth and sphicters clenched hoping against hope that this is the time […]

One of the new features you may have noticed in the latest PDQ Inventory Beta is the ability to scan for files and registry entries on computers.  These scanners can be very useful, but there are some caveats and limitations that one must need to be aware of.Defining ScannersBy default PDQ Inventory doesn’t actually do […]

We are pleased to announce that the PDQ Inventory beta will go public in the next few days. This first beta will combine PDQ Inventory and PDQ Inventory Pro into a single application instead of being separate applications as was initially planned.  This will keep the functionality of both the free and pro versions more closely in-line […]

Photo by Cea.An article came across my inbox the other day about Hilarious and Surprising Predictions of the Future…From the 1960s which I enjoyed very much.  It brought to mind a line from the Rifftrax of Alien which I paraphrased for the title of this post. (As a side note, if you’re not familiar with Rifftrax, […]

If you’ve been using the PDQ Inventory Beta and creating your own collections you’ve probably run into the filters for Date & Time data. These filters have some interenting features that you will want to be aware of in order to narrow right down on the data you want. There are two ways to enter a […]

As many of you are already aware, we released PDQ Deploy Pro 1.4 this week.  A very big thanks to all of the beta testers who provided feedback and suggestions.  We were able to kill a lot of bugs, implement a few enhancements and get some great ideas for future versions.  I won’t go into all of the details […]

If you’ve used both AA Console and the beta for the new PDQ Inventory you may have noticed a couple of differences in collection filters. The biggest difference is how filter fields are structured.In AA Console each field is searched individually, which makes the filter engine simple but does lead to some consequences in that you […]

One of the new options in PDQ Deploy 1.4 (available in public beta) is Pull File Copy. This new option overcomes a drawback of PDQ Deploy Pro 1.3.Push File CopyPrior to version 1.4, the only way to get installer files to target computers was through push file copy. With this method, PDQ Deploy Pro would […]

One of my favorite new features in the PDQ Deploy Pro 1.4 beta is Linked Targets. Linked targets allow for a live connection to another source of computers for use when creating schedules or deploying software.  As is usually the case, an example works best to describe it.Let’s say you want to deploy to the […]