Author: Adam Ruth

Photo by Bohman One of the most asked for features in PDQ Deploy Pro is the ability to use local administrator credentials for deployments.  Local, in this case, meaning local on the target computer.  This is necessary to allow for deployment to non-Active Directory computers and can also be useful when using a domain. As I […]

I’m pleased to announce the availability of PDQ Deploy Pro 1.4 Beta 1.  This upgrade is packed with new features, most of which have come from the user community.  Please feel free to download it and let us know what you think.  If you’ve participated in betas in the past you may need to get a new […]

Thank you to everyone who is taking some time to test Beta 1 of PDQ Inventory. We have uncovered a handful of bugs and gotten some great suggestions, most of which will be implemented in Beta 2.Today I want to go over a feature that many will find useful: Collection drill down. This feature allows for a natural […]

We are pleased to announce the availability of the beta for our first release of PDQ Inventory. You can now download the beta from here. What is PDQ Inventory and why should you care?  Well, PDQ Inventory is our companion to PDQ Deploy giving the ability to store detailed information about computers and to organize […]

I was struck over this weekend by a couple of occurrences. First, I read through the below chart from Rackspace detailing the last 10 years of data storage. Second, I saw at my local office supply store a big “on sale” bin of Sandisk 4-GB USB flash drives for $7.50 (Australian, that’s about $46.18 for you Americans […]

In the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on some deployments that needed troubleshooting.  One technique that we’ve found very useful was to see the output from the deployment command. This is mostly useful with batch and script files, but it can also help with EXE installers.In the Parameters section of the installer add […]

Photo by NatalieMaynorOne question that we’ve had a few times is how to create shortcuts to applications when deploying with PDQ Deploy. Typically this is either because the application’s installer didn’t create a shortcut or there is a need to create custom shortcuts with special parameters. We have, as a planned enhancement, the ability to […]

Photo by thetechbuzzJust about anyone can throw together a crappy top 10 list. But it takes a special level of uncreativeness to create a bottom 10 list.  So, for that reason, I present the bottom 10 iPhone Apps. 3,235,168. Vuvuzela Mix-In3,235,169. iEyeAIAyeArr (Artificially intelligent assistive device for the visually impaired pirate)3,235,170. Spinning Beach Ball3,235,171. Nuthin’ But Ads3,235,172. Broken Digital Clock […]

Photo by .reid.The impending exhaustion of IPv4 addresses just got a step closer as APNIC (the Asia/Pacific organization in charge of IP address allocation) has issued their last addresses.  Technically, they still have some addresses in reserve but these are for use only for organizations that need them within their IPv6 infrastructure and will only […]