Author: Brigg Angus

You’ve got some users that need access to Adobe Photoshop or Dreamweaver perhaps…that’s where deploying Adobe Creative Cloud comes in. This post will have two parts. First you will make configurations using the Creative Cloud Packager, then you will create a deployment package to silently install Adobe Creative Cloud. Note: These steps will ONLY work […]

You’re needing to install Office 2016 on several machines on your network. You can silently install Office 2016, and with a little prep work you can get a deployment underway in no time at all. To start, you’ll need to create a MSP file using the Office Customization tool that’s ready for deployment. Note: These […]

Did you know you can silently deploy fonts to your computers? Using a script, you can quickly and easily deploy fonts to as many computers as you need to within your business. Sometimes we get surprised by the awesome things our customers use our products for. Emil Johanssen posted this response to a question on […]

Let’s get Microsoft Office uninstalled. For this example, we are going to silently uninstall Office 2010, but the steps for uninstalling other editions of Office are very similar. You’ll be able to see where to look for critical information to uninstall various versions of Office. The Product ID that you’ll need for your uninstall string […]