Author: JJ

It’s the age-old* question people have been asking since at least 2006. Which is nerdier, Star Wars or PowerShell? While the debate rages on, we’ve taken on a different task. How can we join the two together for the ultimate mashup of fandom meets technical prowess? While it may be an unconventional use of PDQ […]

Right now you can head to your local store and pick up a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi. Turn on Netflix to see reboots of X-Files, and Full House, and coming soon to a theater near you: Power Rangers, and Baywatch… respectively. Although it doesn’t take much to imagine a crossover between the two: “Mighty Morphin’ Power Baywatchers”… The 90’s […]

A critical update to iTunes has been released. If you have iTunes installed on machines in your environment you’ll want to get this patch right away. The iTunes vulnerability is a man-in-the-middle attack that can occur when a user is browsing the iTunes store. The potential exploit opens the possibility for execution of malicious code […]

If you’ve ever seen Mean Girls, you’ll remember Gretchen Weiners’ futile resolve to subtly inject the word “fetch” into the group’s vernacular. After numerous attempts, Regina finally has enough, and squashes Gretchen’s hopes. That’s how we feel about the online installer of Java trying to get you to install the Ask Toolbar on your machine. (our Java packages DO […]

Note: We have a newer, more up-to-date post on this topicWith the introduction of Java 7 Update 51 and the Exception Site List, many users have experienced havoc with trying to manage all the exceptions needed for end users in their environments. Through some exhaustive research, I have found a way to not only manage Java’s […]

How many times has this happened to you? It is 4:30 on a Friday afternoon and you are considering the endless possibilities that the weekend has to offer.  You skipped the birthday cake in the break room during the lunch hour; instead you spent the time waiting in line at the bank.  Why?  Because tonight […]

Admin Arsenal is excited to announce the public release 3.0 (release 2) of PDQ Deploy.Download the latest release. What is new in Release 2Improvements to database connections to prevent time outs.Performance improvements in console start up.Fixed a bug which could cause the background service to stop after a target reboot.Fixed a bug preventing filters from finding […]

The Redesign If you’ve downloaded the new PDQ Deploy 3, you might notice that it looks a lot different than our previous versions. This past summer we thought it was high time to pull an Extreme Makeover:Software Edition. We renovated every menu, window, toolbar, icon, button and status bar we had. You may love it, […]

Admin Arsenal has released PDQ Deploy 3.0.  We are happy that the infighting, blaiming, and eventual crying have led to the release of a great tool for Sys Admins that need to deploy EXEs and MSIs silently.Some of the new features include:An updated look with faster performanceNew OS Conditions for Windows 8.1 & 2012 R2.More […]