Author: Nate

  PowerShell Have you ever wanted to gather data from a Confluence page automagically? In this post, I’ll show you how gathering Confluence page data with PowerShell can do just that. I use Confluence pages internally to track lists of items I’m working on and to view current progress. For instance, I have a goal […]

Have you always liked the idea of scripting and automating, or even dipped your toes in a bit, but felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start? I was there a few years ago when I was asked to switch to our Automation/QA team. Are you someone who’s taken the leap and uses PowerShell scripts […]

Have you ever been expected to magically manage your environment without the correct permissions to do so? This was me in my previous job. I was required to keep a multitude of applications up to date that required reboots and yet I wasn’t allowed to force reboots. Instead, I was told to send out a […]