Author: PDQ Team

What follows is a story of hope. That even when things seem their bleakest a kludge can come along and get things limping along. For the last couple of years I’ve been dreaming of getting a second keyboard, something that will allow me to take myriad keyboard shortcuts I have now and give me one-key […]

 Author: Shane Corellian Tobias Weltner wrote this article on the site. It is definitely worth the read. For those of you planning on implementing Powershell Version 2, pay special heed. An excerpt:“When you search for PowerShell V2 downloads, you will find tons of articles and download links. Only some of them point to the correct final “RTM” link. A lot of people […]

 When it comes to deploying MSI installers, it’s almost always best to use the /quiet option to ensure that the installer runs silently. Almost. There is actually more than one level of “quietness” when it comes to MSI, and there are some very rare occasions when you may want to use one of them.Recently, while […]

  Generally I despise information security measures that are so strict the computer users basically have to resort to using old Selectric typewriters to any work done. Password enforcement is one area where I roll my eyes a lot. A good, reasonable, password strength policy is appropriate, no question. However, the stricter the policy the greater the probability that […]

  I was recently bitten by a PowerShell quirk that took me quite a while to find. It has to do with how PowerShell deals with the current directory when making .NET function calls. I created a script to make changes to an XML file that looked similar to this: cd c:\some-directory $xml = [xml](get-content […]

In this article we will create a Custom Inventory Report inside of Admin Arsenal. This report will show all computers that do NOT have Symantec Antivirus service installed / configured. From the main window in Admin Arsenal select “New Report…” item in the Reports menu.  Now we write our query. I used the Fields dropdown […]

This is a phrase that you never want to hear when discussing a completed remote software deployment project.Actually, due to its horrific grammar, this is a phrase that you never want to hear under ANY circumstance. Oh, and Yes, this is an actual quote.No, the quote isn’t from Deadwood or any other show which depicts uneducated ignoramuses […]

     I’ve always been a fan of virtualization. I’ve been running computers in a virtual testing lab for several years now. But, as good as it was, it was never quite fast enough for me to run as my primary development workstation. That is, until now.For the last month I’ve been running VMWare Fusion 3 on one […]

I’ve been playing with Sunbelt Software’s CounterSpy lately. I think the product does what it claims to do fairly well however the management console is somewhat lacking.I ended up writing my own CounterSpy inventory scanner to extract CounterSpy configurations from target systems. I can use this scanner to easily determine which systems need to be updated with […]