Author: Shane Corellian

Microsoft has really gone all-in when it comes to alerting (some would say “annoying”) their Windows 7 and 8.1 users about upgrading to Windows 10. As a sys admin, you’re probably wanting to disable Windows 10 upgrade notice for all of your computers. (Note: These notifications do not occur in the Enterprise and Embedded editions […]

PDQ ISome applications have requirements for a certain version of .NET to be installed. In a case like this, not only do you need to make sure that you have the correct version of the application you want to install, but you also need to make sure you have the correct version of .NET. An […]

Silently installing Adobe Flash is a simple thing. Just download the ready-to-deploy package from the Package Library, click deploy, select target machines and send it off using PDQ Deploy (Adobe Flash is available for free.) (Note: The following video is based on an older version of Flash, however the process is still the same.) Three […]

Let’s set the record straight once and for all on what, exactly, “Drill down from parent collection” means. You may have noticed this check box when you double-click on collections in PDQ Inventory. (What are collections?) The image above shows the filters for the Firefox (Old version) collection. Notice the numbers next to the collection […]

As many of you know Microsoft released a patch that killed Outlook among other major issues. While they have since re-released the faulty KB many of our users have asked us how they can uninstall this and other KBs across their enterprise. As a result we have added a special “Uninstall KB3097877” package to our […]

It’s that time again, folks. A new version ( of Flash Player has been released. As usual (and depending on your environment) there are many ways to silently install Adobe Flash on your computers. You can always refer to this page on Adobe’s site to see which version of Flash (ActiveX, NPAPI, and Pepper) is […]

If your organization uses Dropbox then you have probably felt the pain of deploying this application to all the users who need it. The big problem with deploying Dropbox has always been that it was installed per user (so there could be multiple versions of Dropbox on a single computer that was used by multiple […]

If you’re a sys admin then you probably prefer using your keyboard to navigate around your favorite programs. Let’s take a look at some common PDQ Deploy tasks and show you how you can accomplish these using either keyboard shortcuts or the CLI (Command Line Interface) Keyboard Shortcuts Who doesn’t love a good shortcut? You […]

Wake-On-LAN (WOL) is one of those technologies that can both enlighten and infuriate. It has so much to offer but there are often so many external dependencies to having it be successful that many sys admins finally just give up. Generally there are two circles of IT hell: Technical and Political. WOL is often able […]