Author: Shane Corellian

We all know how easy it is to deploy Java to all of our computers using PDQ Deploy. If you would like a refresher you can watch this video where we deploy Java 8. Create a deployment.config File A default file, located in a User’s profile is where the control panel and exception site […]

If you manage Active Directory and/or Group Policy, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard the name Jeremy Moskowitz. Jeremy Moskowitz is a Microsoft MVP expert on all things Group Policy. He also founded PolicyPak, a necessary add-on for centrally managing applications via Group Policy. Jeremy was recently in Salt Lake City and we had […]

Oracle has issued a surprise update to Java 8. Oracle generally sticks to its scheduled release dates (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) however they released a “Limited Update” on March 3rd. As always, you can deploy Java 8 Update 40 from the PDQ Deploy Package Library. As usual, there are two available packages for each 32 […]

Error 1618 isn’t unique to Java. It is an error from Microsoft Installer (.msi) stating that another .msi is currently being processed. You see, the Microsoft Installer, msiexec.exe, can only process one installation at a time. This error will be encountered when one MSI is attempted to be installed while another is currently processing. Please […]

Tired of having to manually run your Inventory reports and then email them to your manager? Well with PDQ Inventory 5 you can have your reports run on specific schedules and even have them emailed to the folks that need (or think they need) to see them. Introducing Auto Reports. This feature is available in […]

The recent discovery of two Zero-day Adobe Flash vulnerabilities has prompted sys admins to disable Flash objects in Internet Explorer. We will show you some ways you can accomplish this. Keep in mind that the steps below are intended for Windows 8.x computers. Using GPO to Disable Adobe FlashIf you are using Active Directory then I […]

UPDATE: If you are using Flash Player or LOWER, it is advisable that you upgrade to the latest version now ( See the video below for more information on how to silently install Flash player. Today Adobe released a critical update for Flash Player. This patch fixes a Zero Day vulnerability that is being […]

Note: Java 8 update 40 has been released since this post was written. For more up-to-date information, visit this post. Oracle has released Java 8 update 31. They have also released two updates for Java 7. (Updates 75 and 76). Just a heads up that Oracle will no longer provide public updates to Java 7 […]

8 New Year’s Resolutions for the Sys Admin Update last years resume (add two years experience to everything)Reprovision old 286s for users who install the Ask ToolbarFeign concernModify Disaster Recovery plan to contain more alcoholCasual Friday and no clean pants? Two words: Cousin EddieOn second thought, for number 2 just give them a Heathkit catalog insteadChange signature line […]