Author: Shawn

We’ve been holding formal training at our offices now for several months. One of the perks of onsite training is the ability to rub shoulders with our crew. We’ve decided to do a little more. Each training class will now have lunch with the developers. No support guys. No marketing. Just our attendees and the […]

What do drastic improvements to our scheduling and beer pints / shot glasses have in common? Besides nothing, they have in common the fact that if you help us describe our improvements we will send you a really cool etched beer glass, shot glass (or shirt, for our non-drinking users). Each product has our PDQ Deploy […]

PDQ Deploy introduces a commonly requested feature for Enterprise mode users; Auto Deployment. As the name implies, PDQ Deploy will now have the ability to “set it and forget it” when it comes to packages that we host in the Package Library. Admins familiar with our Package Library will notice a few interface changes. Import […]

PDQ Deploy 3.2 is finishing up alpha testing. The next step will be beta and we are excited. We’re bringing a very commonly requested feature to the plate with Auto Deployments.It’s kind of interesting what you learn from your customers. When we started PDQ Deploy we assumed that every admin wanted total control over every […]

An out of cycle release for Java 7 (update 67) has just been reported. You can install Java silently by creating your own Java deployment package. You can see the full steps needed to create your own Java package in this post, otherwise below is the quick and dirty how-to for installing Java silently.1. Have PDQ […]

Oracle has released the newest updates to the Java 7 family.Pro/Enterprise Mode UsersFor those Pro and Enterprise mode users of PDQ Deploy you are now able to download the ready-to-deploy Java 7 Update 60 package from the Package Library and deploy it to your computers. If you are not yet a Pro/Enterprise user of PDQ Deploy, […]

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve added the new IE 0-Day Patch (MS14-021) (It took them some time, but we decided to give them an award anyway). Package info from /r/PDQDeploy: IE Zero-Day Exploit Patch (MS14-021) 1.0 This was one gnarly package. There is a patch for every version of IE for every […]

An updated version of the post (Java 8 Update 31) is available here. Java 7 and 8 updatedOracle has released Java 7 update 55 and Java 8 update 5. (Oracle is no longer providing GA support for the Java 6 family.)Pro and Enterprise mode users of PDQ Deploy will notice that the Java updates are already […]

Against a total lack of fanfare, we have started beta testing PDQ Deploy 3.1. This version is a big deal because it introduces a new level in our PDQ Family; Enterprise.In short, PDQ Enterprise allows pro mode users with an active Advanced Subscription to share packages with other users. This is a common request that we’ve received […]