Author: Stephen

Let’s go through some steps that may prove helpful in speeding up your processes in joining machines to a domain, or helping you to migrate machines to a new domain at scale. We will utilize some pretty simple PowerShell to accomplish this task. So without further ado, grab a drink, sit back, and let’s do this! […]

The problem: A machine in a frozen state loses all changes made to it at its next reboot. This is great for keeping machines in a consistent state for each user every day in, for example, lab environments. However, when the machine does not come out of a frozen state during a maintenance window, changes […]

Today we’ll look at automating software installs for imaged computers, all while saving yourself some storage space and more importantly…time. Before you get started here, you’ll want to have an Active Directory security group and OU for imaged machines set. Automating Software Installs for Imaged Computers PowerShell Code The PowerShell code is really pretty straightforward. […]