Three Benefits of Automating Your Deployments

The best kind of work is work that does itself. A close second is work that someone else does for you (that you get paid for). Setting up Auto Deployments gets you both. A new Google Chrome is released…within 24 hours a ready-to-deploy package is available for your deploying pleasure. One step better? PDQ Deploy (Enterprise mode) will deploy it for you. First, see the how it works in the video below.

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Reasons to use an Auto Deployment

1. Banish Post-Vacation Catch-Up Work

Maybe you’re so lucky as to have gotten some time-off…but is an admin’s work truly ever done? No. Of course not. You are the reason these people have working computers, and then Adobe Flash will have the nerve to release a critical patch while you’re out of the office. What are your options? Well, you could remote in to take care of the deployment yourself…unless you’re “off the grid”. Either way. You’re on vacation. It should stay that way.

But you really don’t want to have to deal with the backlash of your absence. Auto Deployments. That’s your answer.

2. Trick the Boss

Nothing so refreshing as telling ol’ Lumbergh, “It’s already done.” when he stumbles in to the office complaining about some new critical update he’s read all about on Yahoo! news. Schedule the auto deployment to go off late night after hours. Then you can even print up some reports and show him you worked on get that update out late last night. Even he’ll have to admit he’s impressed.

3. Cut Down the To-Do List

You have enough on your plate. AND you’re supposed to keep tabs on every critical patch out there?! Put away the sticky note to-do list of deployments to run, add those applications to your Auto Deployment schedule…set it, forget it. Free up time at work for…other things.

benefits of automating

What’s your favorite thing about automating your software deployments?

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