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PDQ.com Beta Support Site Now Live

Josh Mackelprang

PDQ.com Beta Support Site

Our developers have been working hard over the last few months (first time ever) building a new community beta support site. We think they’ve turned out something people (other than their mothers) would be proud of. However, their egos have grown with the site, and we need your help to knock them down a few pegs.We now have a live


of the new support and community site up. Give it a try! Let us know what you think (we’re hoping for tears here, tears of happiness from you, or tears of sorrow from the devs as we tell them to sudo rm -rf / and start over).The community section is still a work in progress and will be changing – so don’t get too attached! Below are a couple of the new features we think you’ll be excited about:

The New Search Functionality

The new search functionality is probably one of my favorite features. No more trying to remember if you found that useful bit of PowerShell on a blog, community post, or video. You can now search all PDQ content from one handy search box.

PDQ Search Functionality

After you’ve figured out what it is you’re after, run your query and narrow down where you want to see the content.

Search Query


Running a Search On the Main Landing Page

Say you’re not a fan of checkboxes and having to filter your results. Maybe you just want to see the video. No problem!  From the main landing page, select the area of content you want to view and then run your search from there.

Popular LinksCommunity ForumExample of Community Forum

You also no longer have to use <pre> tags to get that code-block into your post reply; the new WYSIWYG text editor on the site features full markdown. (If you’re one of those old school bb users or you hate yourself, you can still do things the markdown way.)

Beta Support Site New Text Editor

If you get lost, you can always use the help icon in the top right.

Beta Support Site Help Menu

Or use the Stack Overflow

cheat sheet


Find Those Bugs!

That about covers it! Now go explore and find bugs. Really, we want to get those developer tears (which are pretty close to magical unicorn tears). The

Package Library


Tools Library

, still need polishing, so it’s safe to ignore their lack of super functionality for the moment. Thanks for your help and we hope you like the new support site.-Josh

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