Bottom 10 iPhone Apps

Photo by thetechbuzz

Just about anyone can throw together a crappy top 10 list. But it takes a special level of uncreativeness to create a bottom 10 list.  So, for that reason, I present the bottom 10 iPhone Apps. 

3,235,168. Vuvuzela Mix-In

3,235,169. iEyeAIAyeArr (Artificially intelligent assistive device for the visually impaired pirate)

3,235,170. Spinning Beach Ball

3,235,171. Nuthin’ But Ads

3,235,172. Broken Digital Clock (right only once a day, stuck in 24-hour display mode)

3,235,173. Arianne 5 Calculator

3,235,174. Playboy Text-Only Edition

3,235,175. The Fart App Catalog and Search Engine

3,235,176. Thelma and Louise turn-by-turn GPS

3,235,177. Facebook