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IE 8, 9, and 10 will no longer be supported as of January 12, 2016. Windows will roll out an update that will ask users to update to IE 11. The only exception is for Windows Vista, on which IE 9 will be supported. Although, it’s time to retire Vista anyway. Windows will no longer […]

Businesses around the world have downloaded over 1 million packages from the Package Library since its debut in 2012. We’re stoked to see so many system administrators using PDQ Deploy to silently deploy software and scripts. It’s even more exciting to see these ready-to-deploy packages saving sys admins hours of work.   By the Numbers […]

As many of you know Microsoft released a patch that killed Outlook among other major issues. While they have since re-released the faulty KB many of our users have asked us how they can uninstall this and other KBs across their enterprise. As a result we have added a special “Uninstall KB3097877” package to our […]

In explaining how to silently install office 365, we’ll use the 2016 version of Office 365. Bear in mind, this installation process (unlike the Office OCT, which cannot be used for Office 365) doesn’t uninstall other versions of Office. Check out this blog post for steps on uninstalling Office. Preparing to Silently Install Office 365 […]

It’s that time again, folks. A new version ( of Flash Player has been released. As usual (and depending on your environment) there are many ways to silently install Adobe Flash on your computers. You can always refer to this page on Adobe’s site to see which version of Flash (ActiveX, NPAPI, and Pepper) is […]

NOTE: Java has released a new update (Java 8 update 66) which is available to silently install from the Package Library as of November 11, 2015) Yes, it’s that time again, the infamous Java quarterly release. This is (of course) a critical patch with multiple security vulnerability fixes. Not the least of which can be […]

A critical update to iTunes has been released. If you have iTunes installed on machines in your environment you’ll want to get this patch right away. The iTunes vulnerability is a man-in-the-middle attack that can occur when a user is browsing the iTunes store. The potential exploit opens the possibility for execution of malicious code […]

It does require a little Google Fu in order to silently uninstall PuTTY as you do need to provide silent parameters in order to successfully uninstall this application. Both silent installs and silent uninstall require silent parameters in order to be deployed successfully. To uninstall PuTTY on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems you’ll need a […]

There’s no shortage of articles or blogs on data collection (or if you like a little sensationalism…”spying”) in the new Windows 10 and more recently, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. As a sys admin, maybe you (or your manager) don’t want your company to participate in Microsoft’s data pool. So how you you stop Windows […]