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We Have a New Support Site If you head on over to, you may notice a redirect to our new support site. Here’s a quick recap of some of the new features, and changes that could impact you. New Features Shinier theme Better organization Better search No more separate logins for the support site […]

Time to Catch up with PDQ & A You may already know that during each weekly webcast you have an opportunity to submit your questions and have them answered live during the show. PDQ & A is different in that the whole show is one long question and answer session. You have our undivided attention […]

Episode 1 left off using a simple SQL query SELECTing four columns FROM the Computers table in PDQ Inventory: SELECT ComputerId, Name, OSName, IsOnline FROM Computers When writing SQL queries there will be times, for any reason, you’d rather call a column by a different name. You can easily rename a column (or table, introduced […]

We partied hard last week discussing DNS (Domain Name System). Lex and Brigg taught you all the things you need to know about DNS and probably some things you didn’t. In fact, most of this blog content was pulled from the outline Brigg used to navigate through last week’s webcast. And since we’re all about […]

  SysAdmin Day. If you’re a systems administrator you know what it is. If you’re not, you’ve heard tell of it around the office and keep wondering why it’s such a big deal if we don’t get to take a paid vacation day.  So what is SysAdmin Day?  A day to express appreciation and recognition […]

While patching your machines and deploying each software you’re responsible for, we wouldn’t be surprised if the various browsers, readers, and players start to take on a sort of…personality…in your eyes. It’s happened for us, too. So, we decided to create a video series in which this feeling is interpreted literally. In our new “Patching […]

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” From experience, I can tell you that this old adage almost always comes true on a video production or film set. And the production of our latest project was no different. Two years ago, when I first started as the videographer for, one of the […]

Obituary Section Dearly beloved sysadmins, we have gathered here today to put the soul of a cluster to rest. INFONUCLEUS1 and INFONUCLEUS2, along with their persnickety IMS pair, served and its growing demands in early 2019 when it was put out to the colo pasture to host ultra-low-priority lab machines. Individually crafted by SuperMicro […]

How is Giving Back to the Community We do more than just develop software and talk about the Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy around here. We also like to contribute to our community and help serve those around us too. That’s why we wanted to share a few of the ways PDQ gives back.  […]