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In today’s blog post I’ll review the basics of third-party software patching, as well as automated software deployments using schedules in PDQ Deploy. PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool that includes the Package Library, this repository grants you access to hundreds of premade deployment packages. Deploy also allows you to create custom deployment packages […]

As of March 12, 2018, we will no longer be updating or maintaining the WannaCrypt Patch (MS17-10) collection. Even though we’ve removed the collection from the Collection Library, there are still ways to identify and keep computers patched. It’s been nearly a year since the mass hysteria after WannaCrypt and its nasty host of friends […]

The problem: A machine in a frozen state loses all changes made to it at its next reboot. This is great for keeping machines in a consistent state for each user every day in, for example, lab environments. However, when the machine does not come out of a frozen state during a maintenance window, changes […]

So you’re going to be out of the office for a few days. With the coming holidays, you’re probably taking a few days off here and there at the end of this month. But you know the entire company is depending on you, sys admin. Often time off means playing catch-up when you get back. With a […]

Around here we often refer to a “Baseline Package” or a “Baseline Schedule”. This is a set of applications that are must-haves on your machines for your end-users to get started with a machine. Common examples are things like Flash, Java or a favorite web browser such as Firefox. Scheduling the Auto Deployment One of […]

It’s a common enough problem. You’re moments away from clocking off for the day, before you leave you decide to survey your kingdom. Yes, it’s another day, another successful deployment to the computers in your care…but wait… A bunch of computers left turned off missed your deployment. Try, Try Again… It can’t stay off forever, […]