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Adobe Flash was released September 21, 2015. This is a critical patch. You can read the security bulletin for vulnerability APSB15-23 here. This is a priority 1 patch. However, many sys admins have noticed that this update to Adobe Flash does not completely remove earlier versions of Adobe Flash. The Problem If you installed […]

We often discuss ways to silently install various applications and how to customize those installations to work for you in your environment. But what if you need to silently uninstall an application? Well, let’s go into it. Finding Uninstall Commands First order of business, uninstall commands. Many applications will have one available (in fact it […]

If your organization uses Dropbox then you have probably felt the pain of deploying this application to all the users who need it. The big problem with deploying Dropbox has always been that it was installed per user (so there could be multiple versions of Dropbox on a single computer that was used by multiple […]

Let’s talk customizing Adobe Flash. You can make your customizations to Flash with the mms.cfg file. The mms.cfg file is a text file Flash will use to apply customizations. We’ll look at some possible customizations and how to silently install Flash on your computers. Recommended Customizations There are a great many customizations you can make […]

By default, Flash is enabled in Google Chrome. You can disable the plugin silently. You can also adapt the provided solution to enable Flash if you find yourself needing it enabled. You will need to have PowerShell 2 or higher installed on your target machines. Skip the Hard Part Admin Arsenal provides a ready-to-deploy package […]

The quarterly release of Java is here. Make sure your computers are up-to-date with Java 8 update 51. You can read more about this critical patch update here. These are a few tips for you to ensure a clean and successful silent install. Buyer Beware: Oracle has been bundling the Ask toolbar with the “online” […]

Here you are yet again. You’ve got an application you need to silently install to dozens, hundreds…maybe even thousands of computers. Maybe you have access to the Package Library, but alas, no package is available. Here you are, in the woods (er, office?) alone…how will you send out a deployment, young grasshopper? Try This First… […]

**UPDATE 7/14/2015: There is a new Adobe Flash update for the zero day vulnerability APSB15-18 (read Adobe bulletin here). The steps for updating Adobe Flash are still the same.** **UPDATE: There is a new patch for Adobe Flash as of July 8, 2015 for the APSA15-03 vulnerability click here to read the latest bulletin. The […]

Did you know you can silently deploy fonts to your computers? Using a script, you can quickly and easily deploy fonts to as many computers as you need to within your business. Sometimes we get surprised by the awesome things our customers use our products for. Emil Johanssen posted this response to a question on […]