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So let’s say you’ve got some specialty computers such as lab computers, sales computers or conference room computers. These computers have different users logging on at different times throughout the day. You’d like these specialty computers to eat just “some” user side policy settings enabling them to maintain the same user settings regardless of who […]

It’s simple enough to get Mozilla Firefox remotely installed on your computers, but how do you keep users from changing settings and potentially leaving your network vulnerable? In this post we’ll first silently install Firefox on machines, and then enforce Firefox settings using group policy. Silently Installing Firefox Mozilla Firefox is one of the many […]

Deploying AutoCAD may seem like a daunting task, however PDQ Deploy makes it’s easy to silently deploy AutoCAD. We’ve also included a step-by-step instruction video at the bottom of this page. Let’s dive in. How to Silently Deploy AutoCAD The first step is to grab your installation files. We recommend placing the installation files on […]

We made some pretty big changes in PDQ Deploy 10. One change that may have caught a few PDQ Deploy users off guard is the need to add console users for access to the PDQ console instead of simply having local admin privileges. Adding console users is especially important for those using the command line […]

Java’s quarterly release for July 19, 2016 (Java 8 update 101) contains fixes for security vulnerabilities. Admins are advised to apply this critical patch to systems as soon as possible to protect against potential attacks. Here’s a quick guide to silently install Java 8 and then manage Java settings for added security and control. Below […]

The PDQ Deploy release has new features that make it even easier to get deployments out to the correct computers and with more precision. Depending on your environment, some users may find this means faster deployments. Additionally, there are improvements to repository clean up and added integration with PDQ Inventory. PDQ Deploy can be upgraded […]

Let’s get WinZip deployed to your computers. After you silently install WinZip, you’ll then define the settings you want on all devices in your network. Below is a video that will walk you through all the steps. Silently Install WinZip Because WinZip is a paid product (you’ll need your own license handy), it’s not available […]

There are a few ways to remotely install printer drivers. This post will cover two methods, using a print server and setting up an IP port. Both of these methods are also covered in a tutorial done at a webcast. A recording of this webcast is available below. Let’s dive in! Remotely Install Printer Drivers […]

Microsoft has really gone all-in when it comes to alerting (some would say “annoying”) their Windows 7 and 8.1 users about upgrading to Windows 10. As a sys admin, you’re probably wanting to disable Windows 10 upgrade notice for all of your computers. (Note: These notifications do not occur in the Enterprise and Embedded editions […]