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PDQ Inventory 11 is now available! Want to try out the latest release? You can do so by clicking the “A new version is available” notice in the status bar of your console. If the update link is not visible, go to File > Preferences > Alerts; this will alert you to all future versions […]

I was visiting a customer last month in Philadelphia and I really liked the first question that he asked me: “What feature do you wish more people would use in PDQ?” “That’s easy. For PDQ Deploy it is Auto Deployments and for PDQ Inventory it is Custom Tools.” Those of you who know PDQ Inventory […]

At our last live webcast (you can sign up to join our free IT webcasts here), we discussed Custom Tools and shared some of our favorites. Below is a download for a favorite utility that allows you to remotely access the registry of a target computer you can import for use on your PDQ Inventory […]

New Features The latest PDQ Inventory 10 is now available and it includes some highly requested features! PDQ Inventory can be upgraded to version 10 by clicking the “A new version is available” notice in the status bar of your console. You can also download the new release here; PDQ Inventory 10. Read on to […]

Time to upgrade to the new PDQ Inventory 9. Yes, there are new features. Read on to see what’s new in this version. If your PDQ Inventory license is current, you can get these upgrades at no extra charge. Learn more about our licensing. What’s New in PDQ Inventory 9 Network Discovery Add computers to […]

PDQ ISome applications have requirements for a certain version of .NET to be installed. In a case like this, not only do you need to make sure that you have the correct version of the application you want to install, but you also need to make sure you have the correct version of .NET. An […]

Lets dive in and look at some reports you can use to help you pass PCI Compliance audits. Pass PCI Compliance Audits: The Reports You Might Find Useful Check if Software is Up-to-Date An important part of PCI audits is checking that software is up-to-date, particularly those applications that are notorious for vulnerabilities and exploits. […]

What’s New in PDQ Inventory 8 Adding Non-Windows Devices Keep track of your various devices by adding them into PDQ Inventory. Information that can be scanned is limited and some fields will require manual input from you. Prebuilt collections are included and you can build reports on these devices within PDQ Inventory. To manually change […]

The latest PDQ Inventory 8 Beta is now available. To try out the new beta in your console go to File > Preferences > Auto Update Alerts. If Include Beta Versions is checked, you’ll see a link in the lower right corner of the console that will allow you to update to the latest beta […]