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Lets dive in and look at some reports you can use to help you pass PCI Compliance audits. Pass PCI Compliance Audits: The Reports You Might Find Useful Check if Software is Up-to-Date An important part of PCI audits is checking that software is up-to-date, particularly those applications that are notorious for vulnerabilities and exploits. […]

What’s New in PDQ Inventory 8 Adding Non-Windows Devices Keep track of your various devices by adding them into PDQ Inventory. Information that can be scanned is limited and some fields will require manual input from you. Prebuilt collections are included and you can build reports on these devices within PDQ Inventory. To manually change […]

The latest PDQ Inventory 8 Beta is now available. To try out the new beta in your console go to File > Preferences > Auto Update Alerts. If Include Beta Versions is checked, you’ll see a link in the lower right corner of the console that will allow you to update to the latest beta […]

Let’s set the record straight once and for all on what, exactly, “Drill down from parent collection” means. You may have noticed this check box when you double-click on collections in PDQ Inventory. (What are collections?) The image above shows the filters for the Firefox (Old version) collection. Notice the numbers next to the collection […]

Let’s talk reports. You may already be familiar with reporting in PDQ Inventory and know how to build reports and how to build reports from collections. But did you know you can now create reports that automatically run and even email those reports to whomever you need?Auto Reports are an Enterprise-level feature. Try them out for […]

PDQ Inventory 7 is now out of beta. If you already have PDQ Inventory installed, then you’ll only need to click the alert in the lower left corner of your console. If you don’t have PDQ Inventory yet, you can download it here: Be sure to check out a recording of a webcast on this […]

PDQ Deploy 7 beta is now available. To receive beta updates, you can opt-in within your PDQ console by clicking File > Preferences > Auto Updates and enabling Include Beta Versions. You can also click the link sign up for email notifications to be notified of future beta and/or full releases of PDQ Deploy. Note: […]

Earlier we explored the power of custom fields for keeping track of unique information on your computers. But what if you need to track this custom information on 100s or more computers? Adding this data in one computer at a time isn’t the most efficient use of a sys admin’s time. There are a number […]

PDQ Inventory 6 in its full release is now available. To update your console, click the link that states “A new version is available” in the lower right side, from there you’ll be able to click “Download and Install Now” to update. Note: If your PDQ Inventory license is expired, you will need to renew […]