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As the saying goes, “Ya know, you don’t know what you don’t know”. Instead of delving into the tautology of that statement, let’s just start right out describing seven features of PDQ Inventory that may have been lost in the cracks, fallen through the weeds, been forgotten, are brand new, or have otherwise gotten lost […]

At our last live webcast (you can sign up to join our free IT webcasts here), we discussed Custom Tools and shared some of our favorites. Below is a download for a favorite utility that allows you to remotely access the registry of a target computer you can import for use on your PDQ Inventory […]

Let’s talk reports. You may already be familiar with reporting in PDQ Inventory and know how to build reports and how to build reports from collections. But did you know you can now create reports that automatically run and even email those reports to whomever you need?Auto Reports are an Enterprise-level feature. Try them out for […]

PDQ Deploy 7 beta is now available. To receive beta updates, you can opt-in within your PDQ console by clicking File > Preferences > Auto Updates and enabling Include Beta Versions. You can also click the link sign up for email notifications to be notified of future beta and/or full releases of PDQ Deploy. Note: […]