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We’re going to look at using PowerShell and SQLite to update package file paths in PDQ Deploy. Trust me, it’s more exciting than it sounds. During the course of a recent file server migration, lots of scary warnings started popping up all over the place in my Deploy window! What happened? What was I to […]

Today we’ll look at automating software installs for imaged computers, all while saving yourself some storage space and more importantly…time. Before you get started here, you’ll want to have an Active Directory security group and OU for imaged machines set. Automating Software Installs for Imaged Computers PowerShell Code The PowerShell code is really pretty straightforward. […]

Copying files to all of the the user profiles is a snap with PowerShell. It’s one of the more common questions that I’m asked, so I thought I’d get a blog post written about it so that people have something to reference. Copying Files to All User Profiles If you have ever used a computer, […]

As the all powerful sys admin, you have access to fantastic tools to play pranks on your co-workers…namely their own PCs. Try out some of these pranks and watch the confusion on your co-worker’s faces. April Fools Day Pranks for Sys Admins The Talking Computer Does your co-worker have his speakers on? Good. Send this […]

We’re going to look at modifying the registry for all users whether or not a user is logged into a machine. This is a continuation of my last blog post – Modifying the Registry of Another User. As a quick refresher, we learned how to modify a user’s registry (HKEY_CURRENT USER or HKEY_USERS) without having […]

Have you ever wondered how to modify the registry of another user? The HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive is specific to each user, so in order to modify this for another user, we first need to identify where that information is stored. In the later versions of windows, it’s stored in the user directory in the file […]

With Christmas right around the corner, the holiday spirit can be seen nearly everywhere you look. It can be seen in everything from the many Christmas lights and decorations to the pumpkin-spiced everything. It can even be seen in the snow (here in Utah, at least). In fact, here’s my buddy Chester getting his daily […]

Who loves to look at log files and sift through the boring details? Nobody does. But, that’s okay. How many of us have ever had a difficult time tracking down an error? I would imagine that most people have. One common tool that that gets used is the Event Viewer in Windows. It’s a fabulous […]

As sysadmins (system administrators), we often find ourselves needing to take inventory of the workstations and servers that we manage. We have all likely faced similar questions at some point in our careers. Answers to these questions can be found with the Get-ChildItem command. Which workstations and servers are getting full on space? Which user […]