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Right now you can head to your local store and pick up a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi. Turn on Netflix to see reboots of X-Files, and Full House, and coming soon to a theater near you: Power Rangers, and Baywatch… respectively. Although it doesn’t take much to imagine a crossover between the two: “Mighty Morphin’ Power Baywatchers”… The 90’s […]

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had problems removing Windows 10 Apps. Raise your other hand if you’re fancy enough to know these by their name, Universal Windows Platform apps. If you’ve got both hands up, clap them together. You’re fancy! Generally speaking, removing Windows 10 Apps with PowerShell can be tricky. Once you get the hang of […]

Part the First: Chrome Given last month’s Cisco WebEx Browser Extension Vulnerability, and the resultant hours of near-terror that ensued, you might be wondering how you can better manage browser extensions for your users. Many of you asked, “Does PDQ manage extensions?” The short answer is no, we don’t manage browser extension easily. Like most […]

If you have an aggressive power savings plan, then you may have had issues with deployments failing due to a computer taking a nap mid-installation. Perhaps you have large install files that take a longer time to copy or install. While there are a few different ways to keep computers from going to sleep (GPO […]

New Additions PDQ Deploy 11 is here and includes some great new additions to its already powerful lineup of features. You can upgrade PDQ Deploy to version 11 by clicking the “A new version is available” notice in the status bar of your console. If the update link is not visible, go to File > […]

Ever have a website your users need to use a specific browser to access? Or perhaps you need a particular browser to be the default browser. Getting users directed to the correct browser can be done with a little set up using the Browser Router in PolicyPak. First, you’ll need to make sure that you […]

If you’ve used RDP and run the gpupdate /force you may have seen the “Remote Desktop Services session has ended” error which forces your RDP to disconnect. Here’s how to prevent a disconnect during GP Update. It just requires a simple registry edit.   Prevent a Disconnect During GP Update Reconnect to the machine and […]

Let’s walk through setting up Windows DFS on Server 2012 R2. If reading is not your thing, there is a video tutorial down below that goes through these same steps. The following steps assume that you already have both of your servers set up. You’ll just be setting up roles and replication. Start a trial […]

Webcast: Real World Applied PowerShell If you missed this week’s live webcast, well, you’re in luck! We have a recording available as well as some of the scripts used in this webcast for your copy+paste pleasure. Clearing Event Logs # This will clear a single log Clear-EventLog -Log Application, System # This will clear all […]