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Let’s walk through setting up Windows DFS on Server 2012 R2. If reading is not your thing, there is a video tutorial down below that goes through these same steps. The following steps assume that you already have both of your servers set up. You’ll just be setting up roles and replication. Let’s start with […]

Webcast: Real World Applied PowerShell If you missed this week’s live webcast, well, you’re in luck! We have a recording available as well as some of the scripts used in this webcast for your copy+paste pleasure. Clearing Event Logs # This will clear a single log Clear-EventLog -Log Application, System # This will clear all […]

Looking for a Halloween costume fitting for a sys admin like yourself? If your geekiness knows no bounds, well, here are some ideas for your Halloween night. The (Adobe) Flash The Flash, just the way you like him. Disabled on all browsers. Loads faster than an actual Flash animation. Keeps your computers safe from (yet, […]

You may have a decline of tickets in summer as employees take summer vacations, this is especially so for sys admins working in a school district or other educational setting. The number of end users you have to deal with declines, but as summer begins to wane, you realize…war is coming, and your computers are […]

The errors are many: Target computer name mismatch Failed to connect to ADMIN$ share The target account name is incorrect The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. These errors don’t necessarily mean that name resolution via DNS is broken but the chances are good that DNS needs some attention. The only exception […]

PDQ Inventory 6 is now in the final public beta! To get the beta in PDQ Inventory, go to Preferences > Auto Update and check the box to include betas in upgrade checks. After that you will be able to download the beta by clicking in either the right corner to download the latest version […]

If you have older versions of Reader or Acrobat (either version 10 or 11), we strongly advise you deploy the updated version right away to protect your computers against the APSB15-10 vulnerability. (There is also a critical update for Adobe Flash [APSB15-09] that has critical security patches. The solutions below can applied the same way.)See the […]

So, you need a file to go out to multiple computers. The command xcopy is an easy way to copy files to multiple computers quickly, or you can also use the “File Copy” step within your PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise console to copy a single file. Using xcopy for a Single FileCreate a command step […]

Scanning for applications and hardware is fairly simple. But what if you have something unique that’s a little harder to keep track of? Whatever it is, there is a good chance that with a little planning you can track it by creating a custom item.What are Custom Items?Custom items (soon to be called Custom Fields in […]