Check out PDQ Inventory 1.1

We just rolled out PDQ Inventory 1.1. Here is a break down of the features that I feel like writing about. You can see a boring list of new features in the What’s New page in PDQ Inventory documentation.

Active Directory (AD) Collections

pdqi 1.1 ad collections resized 600

  • These are new collections which show your computers as they appear in Active Directory.
  • You can still build dynamic collections using Active Directory attributes but these new AD Collections will help those who wish to manage computers based off of OU membership

Offline Policy

 pdqi 1.1 offline policy resized 600

  • Attempt Scan
    • When this policy is selected a scan will attempted on all computers submitted for scan regardless of their online status. If a computer is offline during a scan a Target Computer Offline error will be logged.
pdqi 1.1 offline policy error
  • Do Not Attempt Scan
    • If a computer is offline during an inventory scan then a scan will not be attempted. 
    • The noticable differences between the Do Not Attempt Scan and Attempt Scan policies are that there will not be a Target Computer Offline error logged and the scan will not have to “timeout” since the scan was not attempted on the offline computer.
  • Wake-on-LAN then attempt scan
    • If a computer is offline during a scan then PDQ Inventory will send a “wake” packet to the target computer. At that point the scan will wait up to 5 minutes before attempting the scan. If the target computer doesn’t come online then a Target Computer Offline error will be logged.


Remote Share Access

  • In the Windows Shares panel on the Computer window the shared directories will have a link that will take you, via Windows Explorer, to the shared directory on the remote computer

pdqi 1.1 share links resized 600

New Scanner Data

  • Windows Features
    • Go beyond Software Inventory. With this new scanner you will be able to see which Windows Features (AKA Optional Components) are enabled on your computers. There is a new panel on the Computer window for Windows Features.
pdqi 1.1 windows features resized 600
  • Windows Features also added to Dynamic Collections and Reports

pdqi 1.1 windows features collection resized 600

There are some other features, most notably the improved AD Sync. I won’t document that here because it really deserves its own article. That will be forthcoming.
Thanks to everyone who participated in public beta and to everyone who has made their feature requests in the PDQ Inventory forum.
We aren’t just picking our noses over here (note the word “just”). We are already working on the next release of PDQ Inventory. A quick heads up: In order to accommodate the planned features for the next version of PDQ Inventory we will require that Microsoft .NET Framework 4 be installed on the Console computer. This requirement does NOT extend to the target computers (the remote computers that are scanned). It only applies to the computer running the PDQ Inventory console.