Collections vs. Collection Data


Dynamic Collections are an extremely simple, yet powerful, tool that can be used to breakdown your environment into logical groupings. For instance, you can have a Collection that specifies that all member computers must have Symantec Antivirus installed, or must have at least 2 GB of RAM.

There are two tools within Admin Arsenal that you can use to help you be more effective with your Collections. The first is the Export / Import command.

Export / Import allows you to either share or receive Collections that have been previously defined, perhaps by another Administrator. If you have defined a great Collection go ahead and export it and offer it to other AA Administrators. This can save duplication of effort plus you can look like a bad ass.

To export a Collection (or a Collection Folder) go to Admin Arsenal, right click on a Collection and select Export…

An XML file will be created. You or any other AA Administrator can take that XML file and import it into another AA console.


In a nutshell, the Export command allows you to save or share the collection DEFINITION. If you want to export or extract the Collection data (such as member computers, etc.), then you will need to use a different command altogether.

With a Collection highlighted, simply go to your Computer menu and select Save Computers As…


Enter the name of your file and hit Save. You can now import this data into Excel or Lotus 123 or another reporting tool.