Continually push software only to computers that need it

Automatically keep computers to the same software level

One of the major features of PDQ Deploy Pro Mode is the ability to push software via the “Link To” feature.

Long time users of PDQ will be familiar with pushing to targets (computers that they choose during the time of deployment), but using Link To is a little different.
The Link To feature is available when you schedule a deployment. It comes in very handy when you schedule a recurring deployment.
For example, if you want to ensure that all workstations with Office 2007 are running Service Pack 3 then you could create a Collection
(in PDQ Inventory) which contains all workstations missing Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 3
and then have your Office SP 3 Installer “Link To” that collection. You could set your recurring schedule to deploy SP 3 every Friday at 6 PM. Every Friday Office 2007 SP3 will be
deployed to the member computers of this collection. Computers that successfully receive the deployment will be (at the next Inventory scan) removed from this collection.

You can also Link To computers via Active Directory, Spiceworks and Target Lists.

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