Using Custom Items to Track Unique Data

Scanning for applications and hardware is fairly simple. But what if you have something unique that’s a little harder to keep track of? Whatever it is, there is a good chance that with a little planning you can track it by creating a custom item.

What are Custom Items?

Custom items (soon to be called Custom Fields in the upcoming release PDQ Inventory 6) allow you to collect information on your computers that might otherwise be difficult to track using conventional methods. Below is a screenshot of a sample Custom Items panel with some ideas of data you could potentially track. 


Setting Up Custom Items

To set up these custom items you’ll add the field in you preferences and then add the value for the field on the computer. 

1. Open up the Custom Items panel, File > Preferences > Custom Items
2. Choose your data type (date, text etc.), and add a name and description. Save and exit the window. 
3. Now you’re ready to add this data on individual computers. Double-click on computers in the main window in PDQ Inventory. In the information window that pops up click Custom Items…here is where you fill in the information. 
Yes, you do have to do this per computer, that is the idea behind this very customized field. Once you’re done though, you’re done and can now query for this data and create reports based off the data. 
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