Deploy Java 7 update 60

Oracle has released the newest updates to the Java 7 family.

Pro/Enterprise Mode Users


For those Pro and Enterprise mode users of PDQ Deploy you are now able to download the ready-to-deploy Java 7 Update 60 package from the Package Library and deploy it to your computers. If you are not yet a Pro/Enterprise user of PDQ Deploy, you can purchase your license here. (NOTE: The Java package is not provided to trial mode users.)

Free and Trial Mode Users

For our free mode or trial mode users you can still create your own Java deployment pacakge. You can see step-by-step instructions here

Oracle recommends that you install security updates as quickly as possible. As always, be sure to test this on a few computers before going all in. Also remember that internet browsers will be closed automatically during the deployment so, ya know, you may upset your end-users if you don’t let them know what’s going on.

Which version of Java is required for your company.

There are many Java apps out in the wild. It’s a good idea to know which apps your users access so that you can test those apps with any new updates. Remember that Java uninstalls previous updates in the same family with every installation. You can have different versions (Java 6 and Java 7) installed, but only one update for each version is allowed.

Common Install Issues

Unfortunately, there are sometimes Java issues which crop up during mass deployments. One of the common issues is a generic failure to install error. This is often caused by an unsuccessful uninstall of previous updates of Java. Oracle builds the Java installations to actually remove previous versions of the same family (i.e. 7 Update 60 will remove 7 Update 55 or Update 40, etc). This removal sometimes fails which causes the new install to fail.

We’ve had a lot of success with a PDQ package for Java that we call our ALTERNATE package. This Java install simply adds the steps of uninstalling earlier updates before the install begins. We see a lot of success from our users. The ALTERNATE package is only available to our full Pro and Enterprise users (not trial). We recommend that you use it only on targets that fail installing the regular Java package.