Deploy PowerShell 2.0: Distribute to your PCs with PDQ Deploy

Shane Corellian Raindog Sys Admin
Photo by Helen Rosemier

OK, if you don’t have PowerShell 2.0 on your Windows computers it’s time to gird up your loins and just do it.

Thankfully, PowerShell comes included with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. For your other Windows OSes go grab the appropriate install file. If you don’t already use PDQ Deploy for your simple software deployment needs then grab a free copy right here.

It’s quite simple to deploy, actually. Just grab the installer file appropriate for your target OS create a deployment in PDQ Deploy

Below is a screenshot of a basic Installation of Windows PowerShell 2.0 for Vista/2008 32-bit computers.

blog spc 20101215 PowerShellInstaller

PowerShell is here to stay and it is a great shell which is something that Windows has been lacking for a long time. I remember when I first started playing with PowerShell back in 2007 I was hooked. For Windows Sys Admins this is a must-use technology.

We are going to add the ability to run PowerShell scripts natively from PDQ Deploy. So get PowerShell 2.0 on your targets systems sooner rather than later… perhaps the slow holiday season perhaps?

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