Set User-Side Group Policy With PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager

So let’s say you’ve got some specialty computers such as lab computers, sales computers or conference room computers. These computers have different users logging on at different times throughout the day. You’d like these specialty computers to eat just “some” user side policy settings enabling them to maintain the same user settings regardless of who logs on. Normally you’d have to use very complicated Group Policy loopback mode to force your computers to eat user side policy. The downside is that you’ll end up with way more settings than you need making it impossible to manage the experience. The answer? PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager. With PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager you’ll be able to gently force your computers to eat user side functions.

Force Computers To Eat User-Side Functions

From the PolicyPak console, go to “Standard Computers” and create a new GPO. Then simply create a name for your new GPO.

Name GPO 1

Now go to the Computer Configuration side to the PolicyPak node and click on Administrative Templates Manager. Click “Add New Policy”.

GP Management editor

In the upper left of the New Admin Template Entry window, you’ll want to check the “User Policy” button. Now, under the Administrative Templates window, you’ll see several options that you can access. Let’s go to “Start Menu and Taskbar”. Once clicked, you’ll be presented with a list of available options. Let’s select “Remove Help menu from Start Menu”.

User policy list

In the new window, click “enable” and you’re set.


Now, in this example, all users who logon to this machine will have the “Help Menu” removed from the Start Menu. You’ve successfully taken a user side function and delivered it to your specialty computers for all users using the PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager. To see each step in action, check out the video below.

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