Happy Holidays from the PDQ Family

It’s that time of year, when we all drink a little too much eggnog, gain a little too much weight, and spend way too much money. But by the time the New Year comes, we all stop to reflect on just how much we really mean to one another. Without our fellow Sys Admin’s we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you happy holidays from our PDQ family to yours!

Sys Admin’s Night Before Holidays

‘Twas the night before their week off and all through the cubes
not an employee was stirring, not even the newbs.
The cat5 was strung from the server with care,
perfect lengths all zip-tied, with bandwidth to spare.

Sysadmins were home, warm snug in their beds,
with videos of Shane and Lex all stuck in their heads.
Myself at the office at an hour grotesque
had just settled in to a cold dreary desk.

When up on my phone there arose an alert!
An exploit announced, with intents to subvert.
I went to my newsfeed to find such a fright,
A patch, fix, or update was nowhere in sight.

I trawled through the forums for a solid solution
of something to aide my patch distribution.
When, what to my glossed over eyes should enjoy,
But PDQ Inventory and also Deploy

A download away, and a setup with ease,
a library of programs to push as I please.
Faster than you can say “pass me the scotch”,
deployments are happening with no need to watch;

“Now, Firefox! Now Java! Now, TeamViewer! Now, Reader!”
“On, iTunes! On, Shockwave! On, Citrix Receiver!”
To the top of the queue, to the top of the list,
I ball my hand up in the shape of a fist,

“Yes!”, I proclaimed, jumping out of my chair,
“I feel less of a need to pull out my hair!”
I spring from my office, and yell with a grin,
“Merry Sysmas to all, pour some Lagavulin!”

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