Hey Sys Admins! Add some more spice to your Admin Arsenal Reports

Admin Arsenal Tips and Tricks

Check out our Admin Arsenal Tips and Tricks forum on our Support site. We have added some more queries that give System Administrators even more visibility to their network inventory. We are going to keep throwing new reports in these forums. If you have particular need to find or report a new aspect of Inventory, let us know by posting the question on our Support Forum.

Recently added: Show which accounts (Group or User) are in your various local Administrators groups.

Also: Show which computers have shared directories which have non-administrative users granted Full Control. The video below will guide you through adding the custom report to Admin Arsenal.


If you don’t use Admin Arsenal, hey, give us a try. Admin Arsenal has been around for almost 4 years and our small group of banditos have been Sys Admins since the early 90’s. We offer a fully-functional trial. If you don’t like what you see (you’ll like what you see) then no hard feelings and we won’t even mention it at the next family reunion.