Initiate DameWare Remote Control Session with PDQ Inventory

Many of you might know, you can initiate a remote desktop or remote assist or VNC remote control session from within PDQ Inventory. Other remote control tools, such as DameWare, can also be integrated with PDQ Inventory. Actually, any remote control software that can be initiated via command line (CLI) can also be initiated with PDQ Inventory. 

A major benefit here is that you are already in PDQ Inventory. You have the computer highlighted or you are in that the Computer window already. Why should you have to open another tool and then type in the name of that same computer? Just create a Custom Tool to handle all the heavy lifting.

1. Can your particular remote software be initiated from a command line? Do a quick Google search on your software and see if command line switches are available. You should be able to find a page such as this one for DameWare. Copy the appropriate command and its respective arguments. 

2. Add a Custom Tool. Go to Preferences>Custom Tools>Add Tool. In the pop-up dialogue box you can name the tool (in our example we used DameWare 11), this name will show under the tools dropdown in the main PDQ Inventory menu.

Copy the command switch in the command line area and specify the path of the .exe. If there are spaces in the path be sure to place the path in double-quotes. You also need to include the variable %TARGET% in the command line, which is a PDQ Inventory specific variable. (To see a list of PDQ Inventory variables click the question mark button to go to the help page for a list of supported variables.) 

Optionally, ou can create a keyboard shortcut for initiating the command as well. Be sure you shortcut command does not conflict with other shortcut commands. 


3. Create a collection of computers that have the DameWare client or alternative clients for your remote desktop software. Highlight the computer you would like to start a session with and under Tools, select your newly created tool or if you specified a keyboard shortcut, use that shortcut.