Introducing: The PDQ Deploy Package Library Page

Need a quick reference list to all of the Package Library applications and service packs that your subscription has to offer? Want sort by your particular subscription level? Have a desire to search for an application by keyword or name? Then look no further than the Package Library List

PDQ Deploy package library application list


What? You mean you don’t want all of your available applications in a discombobulated pile of icons and text? Okay. We understand. How about some options:

Sort by Subscription level

By default, the subscription level is set to “All”, which is the equivelant of  all of the packages and service packs available in an advanced subscription.  Say you only have a basic subscription and you’re running in free mode, you can show the applications available to you by clicking the “Sort by subscription” dropdown and selecting “Basic Subscription”. Simple as that. 

Notice that there is a “No Subscription” category,  we offer a few select applications that you can download with both the free and the pro modes of PDQ Deploy. 

Fight Club: Lost Airport BaggageOf course, it’s company policy never to imply ownership in the event of a No Subscription. We have to use the indefinite article, “a No Subscription”, never your No Subscription.



The Search feature does a live update as you type. It searches the name, vendor, and description of the application to give a filtered list of your keyword(s). It also obeys the current selected subscription level. 

Sort by Category

In the unlikely event that you do want a discombobulated pile of icons and text, go ahead and uncheck this button. You can read it? Congratulations, you’ve just completed our “Expert Mode”.

Can I download packages from this page? 

Not directly, but you can make a selection of the packages you wish to download, and click “Download selected packages into PDQ Deploy”, a .pdqdld file (PDQ Deploy Library Download) will be generated, and if you have PDQ Deploy installed, opening the .pdqdld file will start the selected package downloads. 

I want to take full advantage of this page. Where can I get a subscription? 

Right here.