Jumping into PowerShell

PowerShell for Windows AdministratorsIf you have delayed getting into PowerShell, or if you have installed it but only piddled around a little, then please take note.

There is a PowerShell quick start guide available from Robert Sheldon. It provides six lessons which all build upon each other to get you comfortable using the tool and on the path to incorporating it into your daily tasks.

I recommend it for the beginner (don’t worry, there are a lot experienced Windows admins who are new to this type of administration). The book is a bargain US$15.95 and is a quick read. It is provided as a .pdf file.

Unix-turned-Windows admins have waited a long time for a powerful cmd tool like PowerShell. Microsoft has delivered, however like anything worthwhile, Windows admins will need to meet Microsoft halfway and really learn the usefulness of this tool.

Remember, if you are repeatedly performing tasks, then automation is up your alley. PowerShell will help you achieve this.